What makes Marsha such a wonderful piano teacher is that she really loves the music, and she enjoys sharing and exploring it with others. With her encouragement, patience, and fine attention to detail, I've learned difficult pieces that I'd never imagined I'd be able to play.

Alex, 7 year student
Marsha's keyboard
Marsha Wright is a gift. She watches my hands, senses my heart, and pushes my intellect. I couldn't be happier. Marsha emphasizes musical expression while teaching the specific technical skills necessary for imaginative and effective playing; I have improved enormously. She is a spirited, expert, and responsive teacher. I always feel energized after my weekly lesson with Marsha, at the end of a long workday. I leave her studio feeling buoyant from laughter and inspired to keep working. I never would have guessed how important it has been to me to learn in a studio with other adults who meet regularly for performance, listening, and mutual study. These monthly gatherings, and periodic workshops, are both a joy and a stimulant for further understanding and development.

Sarah, 2 year student
Marsha's keyboard
My wife gave me a few months of piano lessons with Marsha as a birthday gift--and 8 years later I'm still going strong. Marsha's dedication to having her students perform for each other in a comfortable and casual setting has been especially relevant to me. The idea of using the dynamics and expression of a piece to create an emotional response in the listener is at the forefront of Marsha's teaching, and it applies equally to the simplest and most complex pieces I've learned. Another thing that stands out to me is the extent to which I've broadened my exposure to classical composers and music styles. Discussion and understanding of composers' biographies, influences, styles, and techniques have been central to my experience of playing and listening to music.

Jules, 8 year student
Marsha's keyboard
After interviewing several teachers, I decided to take piano lessons with Marsha, and I'm glad I did. She's an amazing instructor. I sensed, correctly, that if there was any hope of teaching a 50-plus-yearold to learn to play classical piano, it would take someone with real expertise in adult teaching. At first I was intimidated by the idea of playing for my fellow students, but now I love those times together! I have learned so much through these shared experiences. Not only is Marsha teaching me to play classical piano, but I've also learned to appreciate all aspects of music much more fully. I truly feel fortunate to have found Marsha.

Gloria, 8 year student
opera lover and now pianist
Marsha's keyboard
At age 62 I decided to learn to play the piano I'd been keeping for my sister. When I heard that Marsha provided lessons only for adults, I determined that would work best for me. Learning music is like learning a new language, and Marsha is a patient and knowledgeable guide. She coaches us to be good listeners and always encourages us to have confidence in our various abilities. Marsha is more than just a piano teacher: she's a teacher of music and also a talented musician. I am honored to have her as my instructor.

Susan, 15 year student
Marsha's keyboard
I came to Marsha as a student with a general interest in picking up music after years of not playing; she understood this and structured lessons to help me overcome bad habits and acquire an interest in classical piano literature. Although I'm not the most diligent student, I have found Marsha's patient, caring, persistent approach to be helpful and inspiring. In addition to the pieces I've studied, she has introduced me to the realm of classical music and helped me develop knowledgeable appreciation of performances, composers' works, and technique. I am a much better listener thanks to her! Study with Marsha is like having a guide for a journey through music, each new piece we study together a step on that journey. I hope it continues for a long time to come!

John, 15 plus year student