Marsha Wright at piano ready to preform
In the Seattle area, I perform more than 50 informative recitals each year. I'm also the music director at a small church. I'm always open to other musical engagements desiring classical piano, excluding weddings (there is a story there).
Marsha Wright at piano ready to teach
My private teaching experience totals more than 25 years, now adults exclusively since 1995. And I have not lost my zeal for guiding students through the discovery of each piece they study, and each new technical skill they acquire. My students supply a wonderful variety of age, experience, and musical ability that keeps studio life vibrant. Frequent group events inspire and motivate, keeping all eager to learn.

One composer is chosen each year for special study, and at the composer’s performance class, all perform music by that composer after I speak about their life and time in history. It is an effective and enjoyable way to gain a deeper understanding of a composer, and truly appreciate the unique sound of each.

I give lectures and workshops on many topics, for example: “Program Music for Piano Solo”; “Imaging to Enhance Learning”; “Pedal Technique”. They have been designed to broaden the knowledge of my adult students.
Marsha Wright
I have a passion for sharing music from my four-year-old singing to my present day piano performances and teaching. Born into a musical family, I began piano lessons at age 5 and was an active church musician by the time I was 12. (I even took 6 piano students during my senior year in high school.) And when you start so young, you learn how to accompany every instrument and group. University trained as a classical pianist, I have lived my life in music.